The IETF has a piece of text called the "Note Well" -- it describes the legal terms under which one participates in an IETF activity. In short, it says that you're giving the IETF rights to capture and publish anything you say in an IETF context. While the IETF doesn't actually get rights in the intellectual property behind what you say, it does require you to disclose (and it will publish) who owns any of that intellectual property so that an implementer can go license the correct things.

This blog is explicitly not an IETF activity. Comments and posts made here are not subject to the IETF's Note Well. I may ask commenters to direct technical feedback to a venue which is covered by the Note Well.

Participation in the IETF is on an individual basis. My current and former employers sponsor my participation because they believe it contributes to the good of the Internet as a whole and because they believe the good of the Internet will benefit them in the long run. They also benefit because my work will be shaped by my experience with them and because they believe my experience in the IETF will make me a better employee.

This blog is also explicitly not a work activity. Posts and comments here are my own, and do not reflect the views, opinions, or plans of Akamai or Microsoft. I may ask people requesting tech support to contact an official Microsoft support provider.